Pipeliner CRM – a very complete sales solution for companies of all shapes & sizes

Our mission with Pipeliner CRM has been to go beyond simply providing quick access to key information over multiple devises, to delivering a completely unique and engaging user experience. An important consideration in developing Pipeliner was the delivery of a solution that works across different operating environments and lets salespeople leverage information in creative ways.

Our focus has always been on developing software that empowers the individual to excel, rather than software that excels in optimizing organizational processes. The mission we set out to accomplish is to create software our customers LOVE.

Minimizing risk and securing the existing business, with the focus on the future success of the company is the underlining mission statement of the Pipeliner solution.

Pipeliner - the most innovative sales CRM-software on the market

It was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals and helps close the gap between the requirements of C-level executives for transparency and the day-to-day operational needs of field and inside sales.

“Sales pipeline Management” - the key to our product success

What makes our application truly unique when compared to other sales centric CRM solutions out there is our approach to sales software as a whole. So we set out to create a software salespeople would love to use.

Transforming the user experience is our focus. With Pipeliner CRM we introduced a new ways of looking at sales and the sales pipeline. By making it more visual, more interactive and easier for others to follow, Pipeliner CRM encourages easier adoption of sales processes and CRM throughout the organization. It brings the power of sales data back to salespeople online or offline, providing a unique method for managing, interacting with, and using information in ways previously not possible.

Transforming the user experience is our focus.

The interactive user interface allows sales professionals to manage their most important data with just a few clicks of the mouse. The highly visual, yet incredibly simple interface enables our customers to gain faster insight into their businesses, devise more effective sales strategies and react quicker to situations by providing more proactive coaching support. The graphic nature of the solution makes extending the visibility of the sales pipeline to other departments in the extended enterprise much easier.

Get a comprehensive picture of any situation

Sales managers and executives using Pipeliner CRM might spot some concerning trends with sales in certain regions. With Pipeliner they can easily take the analysis one step further and quickly identify possible causes by filtering down data and identifying details on specific sales teams or product categories. Innovative visualization and data management features make managing opportunities more fun and engaging.

Pipeliner CRM combines the advantages of a desktop application with those of software delivered as a service over the cloud. Based on Adobe AIR it provides a graphically rich interface which is far more responsive, easier to use and easy to integrate with classic office productivity applications, then comparable online services. Most importantly it enables salespeople to manage their pipelines and access customer data also when offline.

Hosted on the cloud Pipeliner CRM provides the key advantages of online services: an easy to manage collaborative workspace, the data security and low total cost of ownership, easy online accessibility and data synchronization.

Get mobile with pipeliner

Get mobile with pipeliner

With our mobility integration we are now extending the reach of our application to all mobile devices. Pipeliner CRM for iPhone provides a native iPhone and tablet integration under apple OS. Pipeliner for android provides support for all android based devices.

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22. November 2017 at 10:00 PM

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