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Open source cannot cover all areas of software technology. Closed source also keeps yielding solutions that stand out for their unique functions or special features. When this happens we strive to integrate these proprietary products as seamlessly as possible into our open source framework.

What counts is overall functionality and the overall benefits we can achieve for you.

Only the symbiosis of high-performance and profitable IT components can result in a high-performance and profitable IT solution. That is our uppermost goal. Apodictic IT strategies and technological religious wars have rarely produced benefits for users. Of course, being flexible in selecting the technology used also requires the respective expertise, which UPTIME has verifiably provided to numerous satisfactory customers.

All companies must accomplish two things in economically difficult times: They must cut costs and increase productivity. IT systems must meet these requirements since most companies are now impossible to imagine without them.

UPTIME helps its customers to cut costs. It does so in the area of investment by consistently using open source software and in the area of human resources by automating business processes.

Individually customized software, for its part, increases competiveness and boosts productivity. All in all, these are the best prerequisites for staying afloat in rough seas.

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