Development means envisioning new shores.

We live in a world where everything is developing rapidly. In the common way Development means making a company, business or industry bigger or more successful, creating and using a new product or method; improving abilities, skills and knowledge.

It takes many streams to form a great river

For us development means a little bit more than that.

Only when you build on a reliable foundation you have an opportunity to prove yourself. That is why we develop customized solutions for you from tried-and-tested components. We assist you on your way to achieving new goals and ensure that you have the right equipment. With innovative technologies, you are ready to take on future challenges.

Our commitment is to quality and to the constant pursuit of innovative solution that will enable our customers to succeed in their business.

Development means envisioning new shores.

The alternative to the software industry is cooperative software development.

It is obvious that customized software can be adapted better to your requirements than a standard product. The only question is: How can this be profitable? The answer: with open source.

Open source is software whose source code is divulged and readily accessible. In most cases, it is not made by a single company and also not aimed at selling a maximum number of licenses. Instead, a community of users and developers work on it to improve and expand it constantly and to meet their own needs more effectively. The goal of each advance is to increase the value of the software for the user and not necessarily to improve its marketability.

Only those not forced to follow market trends can stay ahead of the market.

The benefit derived by each individual member of the community strengthens the growing software. It is generally recognized that complex systems develop the most sustainably in evolutionary processes. Open source utilizes this advantage.

No royalties are incurred, so open source software substantially reduces start-up costs. There is no chance of becoming dependent on a certain technology supplier. Yet there is a worldwide network of developers behind each user, ensuring top-quality support. Improvements occur as soon as technically possible and not when the market has developed far enough to be ready for them.

When all competitors use the same standard software for their companies, customers have a hard time distinguishing one company from the other. Custom software and open source create market advantages in this case, making it difficult for the competition to keep up.

Those who are different can reach their full potential among kindred spirits.

22. November 2017 at 10:00 PM

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